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"the little town that thought it could ...and is proving it can"
Blanchard, Idaho Bonner County

Blanchard in Season!

The Blanchard Community Center
The new library in Blanchard is looking great!
The library district has done a great job keeping our population served during construction… if you haven't been to the temporary library in the Blanchard Community Center, do remember it is there for us!


Our Community

 Empowering families and small business to dream, aspire and achieve!
Charles S Cook, Blanchard, Idaho
Oh! The beauty of this scenic “wonderland”
Where mother nature calls you and takes you by the hand.
And you see the magic grandeur, with which nothing can compare,
The gorgeous mountain scenery and the lakes that nestle there.
All your troubles are forgotten by you lucky folks who go, to this grand vacation wonderland in scenic IDAHO!
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