Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

NOW is the time to get articles and ads into us for the upcoming newsletters!

Area non-profits are free for the first 1/4 page so it is a great way to showcase your events and activities absolutely FREE.

Non-profit area information and flyers are posted on the Blanchard Community website calendar here Blanchard Community Calendar! Contact me at (208) 437-4480 if you want to list your events on the calendar. They can be added to the website at any time during the month.

Thank you for your support of the Blanchard Community and for helping us keep everyone informed through our newsletter. Our newsletter reaches OVER 1,000 households sayings that we can include with this theme for this issue. We welcome articles/letters to the editor concerning our theme (at no charge if space permits). Thank you!
Blanchard Idaho Advertising Form

Advertising Form

Classified ad (305 lines no graphic) $5/newsletter or $25/year
Business Card ad (b&w print, color electronic) $10/newsletter or $50/year
¼ page ad (b&w print, color electronic) $15/newsletter or $75/year* *Complementary with $100 Business BASIC Membership
½ page ad (b&w print, color electronic) $25/newsletter or $125/year
Full page ad ((b&w print, color electronic) $50/newsletter or $250/year
Add a birthday coupon for BASIC members with a discount or freebie to your business (thank you in newsletter, company info to 700+ individuals)
Ad design – 1 BW and 1 Color ad complementary; Full ad campaign of 6 different ads $15/12 designs
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